11/15 Daily What: Appealing to a three-year-old's sense of charity

This year, my child is going to donate some of her shit to charity. I post this here because I vow to you, readers, that one month from now (December 15th, 2018) I will have taken the following steps:

1) I will have had a series of talks at a 3yo-appropriate level about how some children don’t have toys to play with, things to eat, etc.

2) I will have taken Ros to the grocery store on a mission to buy food that will be donated instead of brought home. Let her pick out canned goods and favorite non-perishables of hers that we will then purposefully leave in a designated place for food donations.

3) (this is the part that is going to suck) I will have chosen, with Ros, several items in the house that she doesn’t play with anymore and several items that I do not play with anymore to be put in a box and given away.

4) (this part could suck too) I will have taken Ros with me to the physical place where the toy/clothing donation will happen, and we will deposit the things there.

I am committed to carrying this out, because I believe that if we start now, we can credibly make it a thing in years to come. I want it to be clear that she is not the only one who will be asked to choose some things to give to others; my husband and I will do it, too. Given the power of her refusals at the moment, I am bracing myself for the impact this is going to have and for the screaming that I know might happen. I am prepared for feelings. I am prepared for resistance. I am prepared for “I would sooner destroy myself than part ways with this toy made for newborns that I have scarcely looked at in two and a half years.”

I’m going to start meditating now. Send tips, thoughts, hopes and prayers.