11/27 Daily What: It's Tuesday, and this is all I need

Last night, I had a real urge to watch the movie The Jerk, and honestly I didn’t even want to watch The Jerk; I wanted to watch one scene from The Jerk. I have that with movies; I will sit through all of Casablanca just to watch the “La Marseillaise” scene, and when I watch It’s A Wonderful Life from start to finish, it’s really so I can feel all the feelings that flood me at the end when George cries out “My mouth’s bleedin’, Bert! My mouth’s bleedin’!”

I fell asleep last night well before Bernadette Peters even appeared on the screen, so I didn’t get to watch that one scene of The Jerk at all. But today, just this clip is all I need. Just this clip, and a scone. I don’t need one other thing. (Also, I don’t wanna puke, either).