September is for new beginnings

Today is August 31st, and I have spent the last month thinking about this site, my writing, and how I want the two to interact with each other. I am writing every day, but I find myself extremely reluctant to actually post anything, let alone share the link to the site with anyone! That ends now.  September 2018 will be the month of posting every weekday! These posts will generally be short and sweet (well, okay, let's stick with short for now). Every weekend will feature a longer post that I've been working on for a while in the background.

If you are reading this and you want to read daily, occasionally, or never, that's great! I will leave comments open and will be happy to respond if you want to leave a comment or a question.  Posting regularly on a blog of any kind is a new thing for me; I was never courageous enough for a LiveJournal in high school, and I never did the MySpace thing. Nor have I used the Facebook Status for its intended purpose. I have been reluctant to assume that anyone cares what I think, and even more reluctant to give the impression that I think anyone cares what I think. It's 2018, everyone has a platform, and I am in my 30s, so fuck that. Reader, enjoy what I have to say or don't, and if you are here at all, thank you.

To say farewell to August, here is a photo that I took on my run this morning, standing on the newly-reconstructed Andersen Bridge in Cambridge, MA. It took 9 years of totally-screwed-up traffic to get us a finished bridge (hey, still not as long as the Big Dig), but at least now we can enjoy the view. See you in September!