I don't need 37 pieces of flair to do it

Coach MK and I have been busy this week! No fewer than four podcast episodes were released containing my voice - something I never thought I would say - and to me the crown jewel is this Friday’s morning mantra, the moment where I finally got to give the world my spin on Jennifer Aniston’s standout scene in Office Space.

There is no better Jen moment recorded onscreen anywhere, in my opinion. I’ve never found it too difficult to have something to say about a movie I love - the trick is finding the micro-podcast version and saying it all in under 5 minutes. Brevity: a skill I am ever cultivating.

The episode I recorded on Tuesday was much harder and took a lot more coaxing, editing, and reframing. I revisited a story from high school that still embarrasses me to think about. Every time I try to tell it, though, it ends up sounding like I am trying to pat myself on the back for having grown so much as a person since it happened. Not a great look. “Look at me, so enlightened.” Nope, just fumbling around and trying to find ways to be better and not always doing a great job at it. I hope that calling myself out on a public platform can be a start.

But the real top-line news item is that we formally launched the Fitness Protection Program’s longform podcast! For now we are releasing each episode in the Morning Mantra feed as we accumulate a back catalogue, so you can listen to us here! We introduce ourselves, chat for a long time about “light” matters like HBO’s Chernobyl and personal trauma that keeps us coming back to running. Big talk before small talk: it’s what we do.

Thank you for reading, thank you for listening, and please subscribe to the Morning Mantra podcast on iTunes, Anchor, Stitcher, Spotify, Spreaker, or wherever you get your podcasts! And ditto for Fitness Protection, of course (follow this link to our Libsyn platform and find links to ALL the podcast sources).