Accept The Mystery (the morning mantra with Coach Sarah)

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Big update this week: I got my own cover photo for my episodes! Coach MK is the creator and the mother of this podcast, no doubt, but she has intended for a long time to deliver more ownership of it to me, especially now that I record it twice a week, and she has done a beautiful and generous job of putting my face on it along with hers. I am very, very proud of what we are doing with this podcast, and I am honored that MK trusts me with it so deeply.


Tuesday’s episode is called “Thank you for the opportunity!” When I was on the academic track, I literally never felt like I was doing enough (anyone?) - opportunities to do MORE were everywhere, and I was constantly stressed about being behind and about not being enough. Nothing was ever enough. In retrospect, maybe this should have prepared me better for motherhood, which is just a barrage of messages about how to "optimize" that I do not have the bandwidth to accommodate. Part of the work I am doing now through writing and podcasting and coaching runners is about teaching people (myself included) to view "opportunity" differently. When we have a chance to do more, we see an un-missable opportunity - unadulterated good! When we have the chance to do less, we see shortcuts, slacking, things we've been taught are not only functionally but also morally bad, signs of our character that we'd do better to hide (or better yet just avoid altogether). Sound familiar?


Friday’s episode is something else altogether. I have started making every Friday mantra a movie quote (we have a LOVELY podcast editor now, Kris Zarnoch, and she stitches together beautiful quilts of audio including film clips!!), and this week is “Accept the mystery,” from the Coen Brothers’ 2009 movie A Serious Man. A movie I found it easier to laugh at when I was 23 and relatively unencumbered, and harder to laugh at when I was 28 and pregnant and feeling the existential dread of the academic job market fairly intensely. What if nothing means anything? How can I know that I am doing the right things in life? The (non) answer is, yes. As in, accept the mystery.

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