A Letter to Ros in 2019

Dear Ros, I took you back to school on Monday for the first time in almost a month. I was dreading it a little bit, both because I was strangely emotional about saying goodbye to you for the whole day and because I wasn’t sure how you would handle the transition. You strode into that building like you owned the place, and you were immediately greeted by the school director, who exclaimed how happy she was to see you back after such a long absence. “Did you go somewhere special?” she asked. You said nothing; there were more important things to discuss first. You held up a water-filled globe for her to inspect. Wordlessly, you shook the globe, and the Moana figure in the center was surrounded by floating sparkles. And, with a flourish, you pressed a little button that made the globe erupt into song. As “We Know The Way” echoed through the hall, you let the awed crowd gather round to greet you and admire your treasure. You swelled with pride. I did not have to worry about you that day.

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